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We reject the majority of investment opportunities. We only select the very best for our management.

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Global Multi-Asset

A global balanced fund for qualified investors, with its portfolio diversified among stocks, bonds, real estate, and alternative investments. The strategy is suitable for any market environment and the fund can function as a standalone comprehensive solution.


real estate

Real Estate

A real estate fund for qualified investors with a global scope focusing on six different types of properties. Returns mainly come from long-term leases to institutional investors. The portfolio ensures high resilience to fluctuations in financial markets.

573 569 properties 4 continents


Roger Receivables Fund

An open-ended mutual fund for qualified investors focused on investing in receivables on the Roger Payment Institution´s platform. It is the first fund of its kind in the Czech Republic. Its portfolio is made up of only high-quality receivables from creditworthy companies across all sectors.

1 bil. EUR financed through Roger



A fund for qualified investors focused on equity investments worldwide with an emphasis on the USA and developed markets in Europe and Asia. Its objective is high capital appreciation. The fund applies robust diversification across economic sectors and investment styles.

Over 3000 companies in the portfolio

private equity

Private Equity I

The fund has reached its target size and is closed to new investors.

private equity

Private Equity II

This fund for qualified investors focuses on investments in non-publicly traded businesses. The portfolio is diversified across more than 100 companies, primarily from Europe and the USA. The objective is high returns through active management of the companies and their subsequent sale.

Target return 2-3 x



A fund for qualified investors focused on investments in physical gold. The portfolio consists of gold bars weighing 400 ounces stored in vaults of financial institutions in Zurich, London, and Frankfurt. The fund serves as a hedge during uncertain times.

100 % physical gold

Fund for your attention: NWD Private Equity II

The fund invests in the largest and best private equity funds in the USA and Europe. Private Equity II represents a unique portfolio, with its underlying funds exhibiting the following aggregate parameters:

  • Diversified
    5–8 funds → 150+ companies in the portfolio
  • Profitable
    above 20% p.a. / 2–3 x multiple on investment
  • search_new_white Trustworthy
    over 20 years track record of underlying funds, 283 realised transactions
  • Robust
    443 investment manageers, 106 bil. EUR
  • Proven
    EUR 36 billion in returns already paid out to investors.

All in one fund of fundsSubscription ends 31st March 2024

Selection of previously realized investments of underlying funds.