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NWD group At home in investment funds

Investment funds are our forte. We started working with them back in 2004. Today, we are establishing tailor-made funds, managing funds with our own strategy, selecting the best from around the world, and building portfolios from them.

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NWD over time

  • 2004 Establishment of NWD
  • 2006 NWD obtains the Czech National Bank license no. 542/R/823/2006/1
  • 2007 NWD introduces a performance-based remuneration scheme
  • 2007 Establishment of cooperation with Credit Suisse Asset Management
  • 2008 First customized structured product with Société Générale Paris
  • 2011 NWD accepted as member of Czech Association of Financial Advisors and Brokers
  • 2012 New visual identity and logo
  • 2014 NWD obtains the Czech National Bank license no. 2013/20194/764.300
  • 2016 Establishment of NWD Global Multi-Asset
  • 2017 NWD Global Multi-Asset surpassed 100 million CZK in AUM
  • 2020 NWD Global Multi-Asset became best performing fund of the year
  • 2020 NWD obtains the Czech National Bank license no. 2020/105509/CNB/570
  • 2021 NWD Global Multi-Asset surpassed 500 million CZK in AUM
  • 2021 Establishment of NWD Real Estate
  • 2021 Establishment of NWD Equity
  • 2022 NWD is accepted as a member of the Czech Capital Markets Association
  • 2022 Establishment of NWD Gold
  • 2022 Establishment of NWD Private Equity I
  • 2023 NWD Real Estate surpassed 250 million CZK in AUM
  • 2023 Establishment of NWD Private Equity II
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How do we select opportunities

  • We are forward-thinking. We rely on a sustainable strategy. We don't chase fleeting trends; instead, we engage in investments that will outlast us.
  • We are cautious. We only work with funds that have excellent risk management.
  • We are selective. We focus on investment robustness and diversification, we never put all our eggs in one basket.
  • We are flexible. Every investment can be profitable in a different way. We always ask how.
  • We are meticulous. Transparency and access to information are mandatory. Before we invest anywhere, we want to know everything.

Regulation and oversight

By law, our activities are subject to supervision by the Czech National Bank (ČNB) and are audited by an independent auditor. The assets in the funds are deposited with a licensed depository, which ensures that management is conducted in accordance with the statute and applicable laws.





Memberships in professional associations provides us with the opportunity to participate in legislative changes and also enables us to contribute to increasing market transparency and investor protection.

Pro bono

We believe that success carries a certain responsibility. Pro bono cooperations is an integral part of who we are.

Ing., Mgr., CFA, RNDr., MBA, CSc, LLM, Doc., FCCA, JUDr., BSc.

In our field, we work with many numbers and datapoints, however, these are the letters that authorize us to do so.

Our team

Štěpán Tvrdý_ořez_v4


Fund management

"Since my first trade on the stock exchange over 25 years ago, much has changed, but my passion for great investments remains undiminished. However, it has been accompanied by a certain perspective and humility, which I have learned from experiencing five financial crises. Therefore, sustainable returns are a priority for me in managing money and funds. As W.B., guru to many investors, once said: 1. Never lose money. 2. Don't forget rule number one."

Radko Matyáš_ořez_v2


Fund management

"In today's world, we are inundated with billions of pieces of information. For success and good results in financial markets, it is essential to be able to identify the important data points, understand what they mean, and evaluate them correctly. We excel in this and build our portfolios on this foundation."

Vojtěch Ilčík_ořez_v3


Fund management

"From my studies and work experiences in Shanghai, I was accustomed to extreme work dedication. When I returned to the Czech Republic, I wanted to execute projects in investment banking, not just present plans for two years and navigate through the corporate structure. What I enjoy about NWD is that we can launch a fund with complete due diligence and licensing within six weeks from the initial idea."

Otto Huřťák_ořez_v2


Risk management

"For success in investing, same as in chess, comprehensive judgment is essential. This includes considering risks, avoiding emotional impulses, and setting safe boundaries. At NWD, instead of the traditional struggle between risk managers and portfolio managers, we strive for objective analysis and collectively search for an optimal strategy with appropriate risk. We are well aware that a move cannot be taken back."

Jana Kyselová_ořez


Risk management

"I am originally a lawyer by profession, but in my work, I assess investments from the perspective of all possible risks. I strive to model even the least likely stress scenario that the investment committee must deal with. I am pleased that in establishing new funds, we devote ourselves only to projects/funds that have a healthy and long-term business model.”

Tomáš Říha


Fund administration

"Administration requires, among other things, precision, timeliness, organization, and responsibility. During my 13 years at NWD, I have had the opportunity to further refine these qualities, and I am pleased to be part of an elite team of specialists that has an excellent reputation in its field."

Sandra Lhotská_v2


Fund administration

"Most people hate Excel. I think it's excellent. Order in Excel is order in everything. At NWD, among other responsibilities, I am in charge of reporting, preparation, and documentation control."

Veronika Civínová_ořez_v2



"I am a lawyer specializing in capital markets for over 10 years. My role is to assist in the creation of compelling investment opportunities that comply with rigorous regulatory requirements while ensuring maximum investor protection."

Anna Bezděková_ořez_v2



"Since the beginning of my legal career, I have been devoted to the capital market. At NWD, I am involved in the daily operations and the development of new products, ensuring that everything proceeds in accordance with regulations and best practices. I enjoy finding ways to fulfill all legislative requirements while also choosing the most user-friendly and straightforward solutions for NWD and investors."

Adam Narwa_ořez_v2


Internal audit

"My experience auditing financial institutions at PwC and studying for ACCA directed me towards the role of internal auditor. Internal audit plays a crucial role in ensuring the credibility and integrity of financial institutions, and the same holds true for NWD. Knowing that my work contributes to the security and fair operation of the financial system provides me with inner satisfaction."

Klára Zadáková_ořez_v3



"Most people think that accounting is boring and the paperwork involved scares them. For me, it's the job I wanted to do since high school. Accuracy, precision, clear rules, and yet plenty of room for ideas. And working for NWD constantly motivates me to educate myself and adapt to the huge amount of changes that today's world brings."

Martin Srb_ořezů_v2


IT & cybersecurity

"For over 15 years, I have been involved in IT systems, and in recent years, a significant part of my expertise has been ensuring comprehensive protection against potential cyber threats. At NWD, I am responsible for managing the information infrastructure and hardware. For a financial institution, cybersecurity is today as important as managing financial risks."

Milan Šamárek_ořez_v2



"I am responsible for the development and management of NWD's internal system. My main task is to implement the requirements and ideas that arise during asset management, especially to reconcile regulatory requirements with user comfort. The goal is a secure tool that will facilitate the lives of NWD specialists and clients primarily."

Eva Rakárová_ořez_v2



"At NWD, I oversee primarily the complex selection of employees, HR strategy, and associated personnel matters or psychological counselling. NWD represents a unique team of colleagues who have gained experience in international financial institutions, and despite their very different professional paths, they function like a family business."