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Investing Work with experts, it pays off

We have twenty years of experience in financial markets in the Czech Republic and abroad. Everything we have learned, every piece of know-how, every investment strategy is directed towards one goal. Protecting the value of your capital and participating in its growth.

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What can we arrange for you?

1−25 mil. czk


Starting from one million Czech crowns, we enable investment into actively managed portfolios composed of the world's best funds, which are typically inaccessible to the average investor in the Czech Republic. A common denominator is robust diversification and a focus on risk management. An added value is access to private equity investments and alternative investments, such as art, physical gold, or investment wines. We facilitate the assessment of all your investments at any financial institution. Naturally, online access to information about your investments and a regular monthly report on the status of your portfolio are provided.

25−100 mil. czk


Premium services and portfolio customization using open architecture investment solutions and special sector focus are a matter of course. A significant benefit is the opportunity for direct investments in selected private equity funds from around the world and other alternative investments. We allow assessment of all your investments with any financial institution free of charge. Online access to information about your investments and regular monthly reports on the status of your portfolio is complemented by semi-annual individual consultations.

100+ mil. czk


We tailor the structure of your assets to your individual goals. We provide access to any investment instrument worldwide under institutional conditions, and for selected investments, the opportunity to participate as a partner. Our more than 20 years of international experience are at your disposal for investment and legal due diligence of any of your existing or planned investments, including risk analysis. We enable you to hedge against market fluctuations.We can create and manage your personal investment fund for efficient asset management or as a tool for succession planning. While the forms of solutions may vary, they all guarantee a high level of capital protection and oversight.


Our passion lies in investments, and our expertise lies in funds. We invest our own money in the same way as those you have entrusted to us.

Why invest with us?


We build funds with our own strategies and provide access to selected investment opportunities.


We monitor over 70,000 funds from around the world.


When searching for investment opportunities, we don't just focus on the Czech Republic; we select the best opportunities on the planet.


We combine outputs from external analytical teams and use tools of applied mathematics and financial modelling in our decision-making process. In addition to growth, we also focus on resilience to market downturns and volatility.


We were among the first in the Czech Republic to introduce compensation tied to performance of investor´s portfolio . We only succeed when you succeed.


We will never leave you in the dark. You can always see what's happening with your money. Your portfolio is constantly accessible online and in regular reports.

What our clients say about us

„I've been managing my private investments with NWD for over 10 years now. Throughout this time, they have maintained maximum professionalism and a personal approach stemming from understanding the individual needs of the client. They continually improve the quality and attractiveness of their portfolio, as evidenced by the NWD Global Multi-Asset fund. I rate the fund as a well-crafted option for transparent and long-term investing.“

Marek R., 45 y.o. CEO, fintech

„A friend of mine, who is active in financial markets and banking, recommended NWD to me. The first meeting with the founder of the NWD Global Multi-Asset fund, Mr. Štěpán Tvrdý, convinced me of their professionalism, long-term experience, and knowledge of investment opportunities. The individual approach and enthusiasm with which the entire NWD team interacts with its clients are exceptional. The fund offers exactly what I was looking for – significant diversification within one investment, not only in terms of financial instruments but also in terms of geographical and currency distribution. I have been investing with NWD for five years now and am completely satisfied not only with the returns but also with the form and structure of the reward for NWD, which depends on the appreciation of the invested amount. Everything is underscored by regular communication about the financial markets and comparisons of the fund's performance against other funds operating in the Czech market.“

Petr T., 51 y.o. Senior Vice President, biotech

„For a long time, I searched the market for someone to manage my finances. Years of mistakes and disappointments led me to NWD, where I encountered professional service and a meaningful strategy. The main component of my portfolio is the NWD Global Multi-Asset Fund, which provides me with investment diversification, balanced risk, and, most importantly, results in the form of above-average returns.“

Václav S., 51 y.o. CIO, international tech company

„My experience with the NWD Global Multi-Asset Fund dates to the beginning of 2017. I positively evaluate its long-term stability and performance in today's unpre­dictable world. This reflects the quality of the underlying portfolio, which does not require frequent adjustments to its structure, thereby aiding in the generation of above-average returns. For these reasons, I have also recommended investing in the NWD fund to my two daughters.“

Jiří S., 72 y.o. Rentier, former owner of a manufacturing plant

„We have invested a significant portion of our family's financial assets into the Global Multi-Asset Fund. What particularly attracted me was the structure of the portfolio and the opportunity for better returns compared to standard bank funds. Over the course of our investment, we have had the chance to witness the fund's stability and its ability to safely navigate market fluctuations while maintaining strong performance.“

Jan A., 51 y.o. Process Manager, IT